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Provide coaching and feedback for candidates, and put them on the right track for their dream job.
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How it works

1. Create your profile

Showcase your experiences and qualifications for candidates seeking expertise in your industry.

2. Receive bookings

Accept consultation requests and arrange to meet at a time and place of your convenience.

3. Provide advice

Meet up in-person, online, or over the phone to provide advice. Get paid or donate your fee to a charity of your choice.

Why you'll want to become an advisor


Grow your network by advising candidates and meeting other advisors.


You set your rate and have complete control over when and how often you want to advise candidates.


Get financially rewarded for your time and effort to fund your passions, or contribute to causes you believe in.

Giving back

Help others realise their career aspirations by providing them with advice and coaching in your field of specialty.

The privacy of our advisors is our priority, and will only reveal your name and details to candidates whose bookings have been confirmed.