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London, United Kingdom
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Current Management Consultant

London, United Kingdom
2017 - Present

Other Background

EY (Ernst & Young)
Summer Intern

London, United Kingdom

2016 - 2016
University of Nottingham
BSc Management

Advisor Introduction

Management Consultant at KPMG, also have professional and application experience with other Big 4 firms, and other financial institutions. I have spent time shadowing hire interviews whilst working at a Big 4 firm, thus I have gained the knowledge as to what factors contribute to a successful and non-successful applicant. I also received an offer from HSBC in their retail banking division.

I have experience in transformation programmes, in particular organisation design/effectiveness and enhancing effective risk management. Experience also gained in technology consulting, infrastructure, transport and construction.

Besides this, I am extremely easy to talk to and will give you open, honest feedback and advice to ensure that you have realistic expectations and understandings. I am happy to answer the questions that everyone wants to know but nobody feels like they can ask!

Other information

  Career advice   CV / Cover letter review   Competency interviews   Undergraduate applications
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