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London, United Kingdom
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Global Operations Strategy Manager (Current)

London, United Kingdom
2016 - Present

Other Background

Bain & Company
Senior Associate Consultant (Former)

London, United Kingdom

2014 - 2016
Summer Intern, Risk Assurance

London, United Kingdom

2013 - 2013
University College London, University of London
BSc (Hons) Economics

Advisor Introduction

Expertise: The advisor is highly qualified; he received 6 job offers across multiple industries including Consulting and Professional Services.

Furthermore, he has had prior experience in coaching candidates on their CV and interview skills as part of a similar business, which helped see many of his clients through to the final round of interviews with top-tier consulting firms.

Work experience: Former Bain consultant and campus lead for recruiting from UCL and King's College London. Present role in Deliveroo leans towards in-house Strategy Consulting as well as Project Management. Advisor has also completed summer internships with the Big 4 Professional Services firms (Deloitte and PwC), as well as a specialist consulting firm (Simon-Kucher & Partners).

Other information

  Career advice   CV / Cover letter review   Competency interviews
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Advisor reviews

December 2017

This was the second time for me to meet the advisor and his advice was as insightful as it was for the CV and cover letter session.

He was able to draw from his experience of recruitment to offer objective feedback of my performance during the case practice. This was supplemented by him offering workable solutions for improvement which I appreciate.

I would certainly recommend the advisor to anyone who is preparing for case interview.

November 2017

The advisor is very insightful and helpful. He was kind and approachable in terms of communication style. We had a mock case study and he offered detailed feedback on my advantages and areas for improvement. He also offered advice on how to prepare for case interviews and sent me study materials.

August 2017

I had one session with the advisor to discuss about my CV and cover letter which I found to be an insightful session.

He was able to leverage on his experience of screening consulting CV and cover letter at Bain and offer me practical feedback.

Besides CV and cover letter, he also provided guidance for the application process including interviews which were outside our initial remit.

I would certainly recommend him to anyone applying for consulting.

July 2017

I had two sessions with the advisor: general session for 30 minutes and an hour session for CV and cover letter review for Big4 consultancies. I would definitely recommend to have a general session with him, especially if you are not sure if consultancy is something you want to pursue as a career. His comments for both CV and cover letter were very constructive and critical. Despite his background and work experience, he was also able to review and comment my CV for environmental consultancy firms.

Advisor is very friendly and approachable. Do not hesitate to ask him questions about his experience at PwC, Bain and Deliveroo.

I will definitely book another sessions with him to get prepared for the interviews.

June 2017

I booked a consultation with the advisor before my last round interviews for two major consultancies firms- the advisor was really helpful and provided much more advices than I expected ! He was able to give me very detailed feedbacks and pointed out some improvement points for my last interviews. Practicing with peers or friends is a good training but practicing with the advisor offered me more "insightful" and precise feedbacks, I was able to look over my shoulder and really understood what interviewers were expecting and looking for during interviews. The advisor is also very nice and enthusiastic which makes the consultation very friendly- Will highly recommend !

May 2017

We spent half an hour for general career advice and setting up a “game plan” on how to secure my preferred job come recruiting season. I felt that [advisor] is highly invested and committed to help me achieve my career goals, even though we only met for the first time. I have already booked another session with him to work on my applications as I think he will be perfect to coach me throughout this process.

May 2017

I thought my CV and cover letter were pretty competitive initially, but after my consultation with [advisor], he took it to the next level! He dissected every line on my application and provided very insightful and clear suggestions, doing so in a friendly manner.

April 2017

I met [advisor] to run through case interview practice for my consulting application. In the span of an hour, we went through a great amount of content – application process in top-tier consulting firms, useful resources to leverage for practice, and even a full market sizing case with detailed feedback. Would seek advice from him again.