Shots of caffeine to give your career a boost.

Go Get Coffee

So you started job searching. You’ve trawled through the official Barclays Website for information on graduate recruitment. You’ve attended each and every networking event organised by your university’s finance society. You’ve hectically sent out emails desperately asking for help from all of the professionals you met at those corporate CV workshops and clinics. Now what were you thinking?

Well you are not the only one. All of those people in fancy black ties with sparkling BBC accents sharing earnings projections for their companies on-stage were once young and fresh newbies, looking for a way to get through the sacred front-office doors of the city's sexiest banks.

The reality is that they understand. The problem is that they don't have the time to answer all of the hundreds of Inmail messages they get on Linkedin, asking to buy them coffee in exchange for their invaluable advice. Some just don't believe how serious you are when you send out that call for help. Others are just protective of their precious time. Because like everyone else in the busy capital, these top professionals are making a living and want to know that any time they have is well-spent.

A group of such professionals came together to solve this problem - Go Get Coffee was born. Some experts have years of quality corporate experience behind them, while others have successfully founded multi-million pound startups. However, all of these people are passionate to make the knowledge exchange transparent and valuable for both parties: those seeking knowledge and those sharing it.

If you are still not convinced why Go Get Coffee, try contacting the HR department of any company you want to get into, and ask them what the key credentials are for your desired role. We’re willing to bet that after two minutes of hearing ‘teamwork, leadership, and fast-learner’ over and over again, you would want to hang up that call. Instead of continuing to bang your head against a brick wall of corporate cliches, why not ‘go get coffee’ with a professional who will share with you the real tips of how to get your foot in the finance or consulting door?