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1. Know what they want

Before diving full-on into writing an essay, take some time to read the job description and drill down into what key skills are needed for the job. Make sure you tick every box by aligning your skills in accordance. Make it clear how what you’ve studied and the the work experience you’ve accumulated covers all areas required in an ideal candidate.


Job Requirement: Take responsibility for Company X and associated documentation completion from initiation to approval.

Your experience: Financial Intern - Oversaw and comprehensively managed financial documentation for the deal completion from start to finish in a minimum timeframe.

2. “Doer” vs “Achiever”

How you word your experience affects how recruitment managers will perceive you. It is a common mistake to say what you did instead of what you achieved - bear in mind that your experience should be results-based rather than task-based. An effective CV helps the hiring executive envisage how you could be delivering similar achievements at the company you are applying for.

Employers want to know about your previous contributions and more specifically, how you made a difference at your last job or internship. More importantly, they want to know how you are going to make a significant difference at their company.


“Doer”: Negotiated print advertising and digital coverage in relevant magazines and platforms

“Achiever”: Reduced advertising costs by 30% by negotiating prices and fees with a leading print magazine

3. Experiences beyond work

Many top companies have to face the difficult decision of choosing between multiple candidates of similarly high calibre. One key way that you can stand out from other candidates is to demonstrate the qualities they look out for from areas beyond professional experiences.

Companies often want employees who will contribute to a diverse and vibrant culture - in short, people who have enjoy activities and interests outside of work. Some of the best activities you can list on your CV that might catch recruiters’ eyes include starting a business on your own, contributing to and leading charity work, and leading a sports team. So have a think about what activities you are involved in outside of your professional work that can demonstrate the skills companies are looking out for.

Remember that, at the end of the day, you want to present yourself in the best light possible - there is no point pretending to be someone that you are not. There are plenty of roles which will allow you to shine; all it takes is some patience, determination, and perseverance. Best of luck Go Getter!